Tony Rundle started playing music in South London, then spent many years on the folk circuit and performed in clubs and festivals in the UK and abroad. He's broadcast on National radio and performed at various city halls across the UK. He's also played in ceilidh bands, fronted his own Blues Band, sung jazz, and even performed principal roles with local Gilbert & Sullivan societies. 

During the Lockdown, he finally got round to recording some of his own music. 
Tony sings,  plays bass, various guitars, mandolin and concertina.

Friend for Life

Friend for Life is a song about my guitar, made by the late Kazuo Yairi. It occurred to me that this guitar has been my constant companion longer than anyone, or anything, else. Many things have happened to me, friends have come and gone, I've had different jobs and the world has changed completely. But my guitar has always been there for me. It has probably saved my life on more than one occasion. 
This is an updated and remixed version of the song, with new vocals and additional harmonies. 

You can watch the video by pressing the "play"button below, using the button to find it on streaming services, or scrolling down to download and buy the track. Hope you like it.

You Mustn't Shoot Your Neighbor

My Bonny Lad/Blyth Spirit

My Bonny Lad is a traditional song from the North East of England. I’ve had it in my repertoire since 1966. Originally, only one verse of the song was collected, but Ewan MacColl once told me he added the second, as it would otherwise have been too short. I felt it was still too short, so I wrote Blyth Sprit to add on the end. 

I have a strong family connection with the North East of England. I lived there for a while, and my in-laws came from Blyth – a town on the coast just North of Newcastle.  I love the sound of the Northumbrian Smallpipes, a sweeter form of bagpipes than the Scottish and Irish pipes. 

I couldn’t find a Northumbrian Smallpipe player to collaborate with where I now live, so I had to create a computerised virtual instrument. I hope it gives a flavour of the real thing. The best way to hear it is to hit the "play" triangle underneath the picture below.